It all started when...

I found my voice.

I guess you can say I'm a feminist in my own special way. I played basketball for 8 years on the same all-girls team as a child. Because our team was not challenged enough in our own division, our coach decided to enter us in the 11 to 13-year-old boys division. Before our first game one of the boys on the opposing team told me, "Go back home and play with your collection of dolls." I told him, "Go back inside your mother.” 

This " I can accomplish anything" mentality has followed me through the duration of my life, whether it be personal or career related.

After I had a late night brainstorming session with one of my closest friends, The Baysics was born. A play on the spelling of my own name, The Baysics is meant to answer all the questions and/or aspects of life you think you know the answer to but don't.

Everyone talks about millenials, but how often do you actually really listen to them? The Baysics offers a refreshingly honest perspective on the uncomfortable and comfortable aspects of life we all face.

Who am I? I’m a normal, relatable, successful twenty-something year old sales account executive who graduated at the age of twenty with no idea what I was getting myself into. I learned and continue to learn everything the hard way, yet somehow manage to find my way using the same "I can accomplish anything" mentality I used as a child.

The Baysics is your personal guide to find your way too.